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Over the past 10 years, I have been writing cruise employment articles.  My other published work focuses on travel and cruising.

In 2013, I created the website, Along with writing all of the pages and posts on this website, I also offer Resume Services.

I have contributed a number of articles to this cruise ship employment website, including the following:

How to Apply for River Cruise Jobs

Top 10 Challenges of Working on a Cruise Ship

Cruise Lines Code of Conduct and Ethics

Applying Online for Cruise Ship Jobs

7 Secrets to Land a Cruise Ship Job in 2014

Will You Pass a Medical Exam for a Cruise Ship Job?

Skype Interviews for Cruise Ship Jobs

Getting Hired as a Couple to Work on Cruise Ships

Unusual Cruise Ship Jobs

Getting a Cruise Ship Job with No Experience

Using Social Media to Get a Cruise Ship Job

Most of the content on this website was written by me between 2015 and 2017. Many of the articles were migrated from the website (same owner). Additionally, I created their Cruise Recruiter Directories (Word and Excel) and edited the E-book that they give to their subscribers. Additional content that I wrote for the website included the following articles:

Entry Level Cruise Ship Jobs
Career Paths in the Cruise Industry
Overview of Shore Excursion Cruise Jobs
Best Cruise Ship Jobs for Time in Port
Salaries, Benefits and Other Compensation

In 2012, I wrote all the web content for the employment website.

From June 2011 to February 2012, I contributed weekly to this blog which was owned by Typical blog posts were between 250 and 500 words. This website is no longer live.

Cruise Travel Magazine

Christmas Crews
For many passengers, Christmas onboard a cruise ship means multi-generational vacations complete with kids out of school and relatives from all over the globe meeting to celebrate the holidays together. But for most officers and crew onboard, Christmas is a time without families and little time to celebrate.

Teens Afloat 
The cruising teenagers of today will be the 20-something passengers of tomorrow, and cruise lines are starting to cater more to this hard-to-please age group. Too old for arts & crafts and too young for the 18 and over diversions, kids aged 13 to 17 can now enjoy more facilities and programs designed especially for them. Gone are the days when there was only a video arcade to keep teens busy, because in the last decade family cruising has completely transformed itself.

Interview with a Navigator 
An inside look at the First Officer who plots to get passengers to port on time. The itinerary in a cruise ship brochure details where and when a ship will be in port, but the onboard Navigator is responsible for taking care of all the logistics that make it happen. On Princess Cruises’ vessels, the First Officer looks after the duties of Navigator; Tony Ruggero is one of the line’s First Officers (and, I am proud to say, my husband).

I was the Features Writer for the Cruise/Island Vacations section between 2009 and 2012. Over that period, I amassed over 180 articles with the online publishing company. My pieces provided information on destinations, cruise lines, cruise ships, shore excursions, onboard activities and cruise jobs.

From April 2009 to December 2014, I provided content for this cruise employment website as well as moderated on their Jobs Forum. I wrote over 250 articles for this website. Although this website is no longer live, much of the content was migrated to the website,

Budget Travel

Confessions of a Cruise Ship Purser
The purser on a cruise ship is part hotel receptionist, part concierge. Guests line up at the Purser’s Desk to pay their onboard accounts, to ask questions like “What time do the whales swim by?” and to complain about everything under the sun. On mega ships there may be as many as 20 pursers, who listen to the same gripes cruise after cruise. At times, I felt like a mix of Judge Judy and Sherlock Holmes, trying to decide which parts of passengers’ stories were true.
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